Siegel’s ProMaster – 16 oz


Siegel’s ProMaster – 16 oz

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Two years in development and six years in testing has produced a very powerful and totally legal product that is among the strongest and most successful race supplements on the market today. The brain-child of Ed Minvielle, this product is proving very effective in helping our race birds become ready for racing and allowing for extremely quick recovery after the events. Contains 14 of the most proven and legal performance enhancers along with the strongest safe dosage of L-Carnitine on the market. L-Carnitine has proven more effective than it’s sister product Creatine for producing longer lasting effects in racing pigeons. Some of the test results were so amazing that more than one test loft asked that this product not be provided to the public.
It is powerful but should be used with caution
as it causes the pigeons to lose weight rapidly so may not be advisable for 2 night shipping. Keep refrigerated.

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